Act on Specified Commercial Transactions



Seller's Address

ZIP Code :153-0063

Address :Tokyo1-9-22 LC 1F meguro meguro-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN


Phone Number :

● Business hours: Monday - Friday (Japan time)
(You can order for 24 hours)
● Contact:
(Mail can be received 24 hours)

※ The seller personal information in the description is the one of our store contract store. If there is a claim at the time of dealing, we will contact you without delay.

※ Please inquire with "Mail".
Please refrain from inquiring by telephone.

※ For inquiries reply, we will contact you within 1 to 3 business days.
I will be waiting very much, please wait for a while now.
Even if one week passes, if there is no reply, sorry to trouble you sorry but please contact us again.

About Price

The selling price will be the amount displayed (displayed price / consumption tax included).

About Payment Billing Date

● Payment method: Bank transfer

● Payment Timing: Payment will be confirmed at the time of confirming your order.
※ After confirming your order, send "Order Confirmation Mail" from BASE.
Receive as the designation of the mail address,
Please set to receive domain designation.
We will inform you of the "payment deadline" of the item by e-mail, so please pay within the due date.
Please note that it will be automatically "canceled" when the due date expires.
For items canceled, please proceed again from your order.

Shipping Date

It will be shipped within 7 business days after payment is confirmed.

※ We will ship the item as soon as possible, but it may take some time to ship after payment is completed. Please forgive me.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

Please understand kindly that we can not respond to returned goods except when there are defects in products or mistakes in shipping orders by our shop.

※ The carriage to our shop at the time of return will be taken as the customer's burden. Please be appreciated.

※ Please contact the following address for inquiries such as returned goods. We will inform you of the procedure on returning goods

◆ Contact: